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Poll shows a third of Americans think Biden can finish 2nd term

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(NewsNation) — A new poll by CBS News and YouGov shows only a third of voters think current President Joe Biden, who’s also running in the 2024 election, would finish a second term.

About 44% think he would leave office before the end of his second term if elected, the poll, conducted with a “nationally representative sample” of 4,002 American adults, showed.

This comes as some have been concerned about Biden’s age. A NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ poll shows 80% of voters are. He’s not the only politician for whom these concerns have come up, though: About 63% of people surveyed are worried about former Republican president Donald Trump’s age.

Republican strategist Boyd Matheson wrote an opinion piece for KSL News Radio, saying it may be time for younger leaders in politics and that, “sadly, the American people have also begun to buy into the indispensable leader syndrome.”

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“People are just afraid of the alternative, or they’re afraid of losing power, money or influence,” he told NewsNation. “The problem is, is when we treat people as being irreplaceable, they become irreplaceable, and they stay around for too long.”

In Matheson’s view, some people do the right thing, such as Utah Sen. Mitt Romney. The Republican recently said he won’t run for reelection in 2024.

“Sen. Romney was in essence saying, ‘I trust the American people. I trust the institutions of government, I trust the people of Utah to pick someone who can then step forward and do that,'” Matheson said.

This is a good model for other politicians, Matheson added.

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“I think the founders set up this constitutional republic to have seasonal leadership,” Matheson said. “You go in for a season, you work hard, you get some things done, you leave a legacy, and then you’re supposed to go back to your community and make a difference there.”